Wesley United Methodist Church Macomb, IL  
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Prayer Shawl Ministry Tuesday, Dec 11 @ 2:00 PM
Boy Scouts Tuesday, Dec 11 @ 6:30 PM
Prayer Wednesday, Dec 12 @ 10:00 AM
Faith & Love Fellowship Wednesday, Dec 12 @ 11:30 AM

December Mission of the Month

Loaves & Fishes, Habitat for Humanity, Samaritan Well & Salvation Army


December’s Mission of the Month consists of four local groups representing the strongest network of care for those who have either an unexpected crisis that drains their meager and often fragile financial resources (for these persons a one-time help will do the trick), or for persons who experience persistent and ongoing needs that outstrip their monthly re- sources and tax the caring web that exists in our community.


These local groups directly serve the people who are the most likely to “fall through the cracks” - who, try as they might, simply do not have the resources to take care of them- selves, or their families, on a consistent basis. 



Address: 1212 W. Calhoun Street, Macomb, IL 61455-1299     Email: office@macombwesleyumc.com      Phone: (309) 833-2153