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United Methodist Men Friday, May 24 @ 7:00 AM
Contemporary Worship Sunday, May 26 @ 8:30 AM
Sunday School Sunday, May 26 @ 9:45 AM
Traditional Worship Sunday, May 26 @ 11:00 AM

A Note from Incoming Pastor Scott Grulke

grulke-scott.jpg?width=400&height=400It is with joy and enthusiasm that Kathy and I look forward to ministry with you. Throughout our years of ministry we have learned that ministry begins with relationships. When Jesus was interrogated on the essence of the Mosaic Law, his response was to summarize with these words: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength…and to love your neighbor as yourself.” So, our relationships with God in Jesus Christ enables us to build and deepen relationships with one another. It begins there. It grows from there. Ministry and the Christian Faith are about relationships. Without our devotion to God and to each other- all else will fail. In the opening months that is where you will find our hearts.


Another one of our passions has been the study of the Scriptures. We have used such diverse resources as Covenant Discipleship, Disciple Bible, Alpha Course, The Gospels and Letters of Paul, The Bible in Film and Television (Back to Mayberry, Finding God in The Twilight Zone). The goal is to get beyond simply reading the text to discover its original context then on to a practical application for us. Small groups and classes are the setting where the church grows because once again- we are building relationships.


Kathy and I have discovered music (classical and contemporary) as an instrument to move us to deeper levels of devotion. Scott has played the drums since 5th grade (think more of Ringo Starr than a Buddy Rich). Kathy has been a vocalist to lend her talent to choirs and praise bands where she is needed. It will be an honor to serve a church where music plays such a vital role to inspire ministry.


We have noted the Vision Statement of Macomb Wesley; “To be empowered and nurtured in a growing community of faith, inviting, attracting and serving families and people of all ages.” We serve a God who seeks to welcome and nurture all persons in relationships. It is our dream to pursue with you a hospitality that embraces all persons with the love and grace of God.


Pastor Howard White has been a gifted spiritual leader in your congregation as he has throughout our conference. During these transitional months we know you will express your appreciation for the relationships you have with Howard, Leah, and their children Sophie and Dow.


God bless,


Scott and Kathy Grulke


Contact information for Rev. Dr. Scott Grulke can be found on the Illinois Great Rivers Conference website



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