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DayCare Chapel Wednesday, May 22 @ 10:00 AM
Prayer Gathering Wednesday, May 22 @ 12:00 PM
Prayer Wednesday, May 22 @ 4:00 PM
Praise Band Wednesday, May 22 @ 7:00 PM

Communications Team

The Communications Team is a standing committee at Wesley UMC.  We currently meet the second Thursday of the odd months, at 4:30 p.m. We have established the following:


Mission Statement: Promotes effective communication within Wesley Church and with our community.
Vision statement: Using a variety of communication tools, Wesley Church will engage the congregation and community to inspire and invite participation in worship and other ministries of the church.


Communications Tools

At Wesley we use the following communication tools:

  • The Pastor creates a shared google doc with the sermon series for the year (and sermon titles).  This is used by various people, including the music teams, secretary, and those editing the webpage. Music and hymn titles and other information may be added to the file (and therefore shared).


Contents for this page

Communication Liaison System

Each group, class, or team at Wesley Church will designate a person as a Communications Liaison. The purpose of the Communication Liaison System is to better ensure that information is communicated from the group, class, or team to the church office.  

We have one meeting each year with the Communications Liaisons. It is usually in February. We encourage all groups to designate a Communications Liaison at their first meeting of the year (in January).

Click here for the details of the Communications Liaison System (PDF) (updated: 1/21/2018)


Cancelling Sunday Worship Services Plan

Preliminary Comments: (1) People attending church should make their own decision (considering the weather and other factors) whether to attend in person or join via Live Stream. Furthermore, if you are a greeter, usher, etc., but choose to stay home, this is fine, because someone can cover for you. (2) Under current circumstances, it is less likely that we will cancel services, due to the fact that our parking lot is usually cleared off, our pastors are next door, and we have the Live Stream option

If the weather is too bad to hold Sunday worship services we will get the word out using multiple communication tools.  The process to be used is as follows:

1.    Pastor Grulke makes the decision to cancel Sunday worship services.
2.    Pastor Grulke

a.    Changes the church office answering machine message.
b.    Calls (or texts) Pastor Mellly Momo and the leader of the Campus Faith Christian Ministry.
c.    Calls (or texts) Jim Olsen, Communications Chair.
d.    Utilizes Call-em-all phone message system

3.    Jim Olsen

a.    Puts up the Church-Services-Cancelled-Due-to-Weather banner on the website which links to (by clicking) an associated announcement (which he creates).  Other banners are disabled for one day.
b.    Puts it on Facebook.


Zoom Meetings

Wesley Church has a Zoom account for setting up Zoom meetings. Contact the Financial Manager for the username and password.


QR Codes for Sunday Bulletins

Beginning July 2020, Wesley Church plans to make the Sunday Worship Bulletin available electronically.  To make it easy to access each Sunday morning, we plan to use QR Codes.  More information here.


Church360is our new database (began using it Feb. 2016) that the church office is using to keep track of names, addresses, memberships on teams/groups/classes.  It is much more user-friendly than our previous system.  More information will be shared about Church360 as we learn more about it.  macombwesleyumc.360members.com. It appears that the URL is changing to https://macombwesleyumc.church360.app/people.



Boxcast is the technology we use to Live Stream our worship services. See the page of Boxcast Notes for more information.

Old (Archive) Pages

The "Worship with Us Online" page has become too huge (and loads slowly) and has a title that worked in the early days of the pandemic, but is no longer descriptive.

The page has be archived and is called: Worship with Us Online (2021-07-19 Copy) - It has Videos from the beginning of the pandemic through July 2021.

The page "Worship with Us Online" is renamed "Past Worship Recordings." Beginning July 2021, only about 2 months of videos will appear on this Past Worship Recordings page.

Technical Notes for the Communications Team

Archive Pages

Here are some web pages which are no longer in use (no longer maintained and generally unavailable on the website).  This list is maintained here, in case the Communications Team or the staff need to look up archived information.


















Address: 1212 W. Calhoun Street, Macomb, IL 61455-1299     Email: office@macombwesleyumc.com      Phone: (309) 833-2153