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DayCare Chapel Wednesday, May 22 @ 10:00 AM
Prayer Gathering Wednesday, May 22 @ 12:00 PM
Prayer Wednesday, May 22 @ 4:00 PM
Praise Band Wednesday, May 22 @ 7:00 PM

RightNow Media

RightNow Media

Netflix for the Church

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RightNow Media: Is like "Netflix for the church." They offer a huge digital library with thousands of video sessions that people, individually or in groups, can access anytime, anywhere. There are over 5,000 videos from more than 150 leading Christian publishers. RightNow Media also produces originals films produced by their team that feature teaching from respected teachers and pastors. The content covers marriage, parenting, finances, recovery and professional development. There is closed captioning available for the videos.


Does the content agree with the core essentials of the Christian faith?

Their webpage states: We strive to find content and teachers that align with the essentials of the faith. God exists eternally as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the Word of God. Salvation is received by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.

This format of video learning (and follow-up discussion) is intended to be used in a small group. It can easily be stored on your mobile device. Once you become familiar with the product you can easily access the videos. The website can be bookmark (‘My Queue’) on your iPad and iPhone or laptops so that makes it easy to pull up a video whenever we want.

RightNow Media also has a variety of Biblical videos for children in its virtual library section that are safe for children to watch with or without their parents. This product helps teach children about godly living. We do not think it is a replacement for church. We feel it is a wonderful resource to help all of us in our spiritual growth and development journey.RightNow-Kids


How do I sign up?   [directions]

If you would like access to Downright Media (get a free RightNow Media account), provide your email to the Wesley Church office. The office will provide the company with your name and email address. Within a few days you will receive an email from RightNow Media (from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Click the link  (or the button) in the email. This will take you to a page where you'll enter your name and a little demographic information and where you will create a password.

This gives you access to RightNow Media (creates the account) so that you can stream the bible studies and other content.

The company promises to protect your privacy and not sell your information to others. According to the sales person your emails are kept for in-house use only.


We’d like your feedback

We started using RightNow Media in early 2017. Like all technology, it takes some getting used to and bugs need to be worked out. Please share:

  • Your Successes - What has worked for you? We’d like to share the ways RightNow Media has worked. Please contact Gina Anderson.
  • What isn’t working – What difficulties are you encountering? Contact the church office or the Christian Education Team or the Communication Team.











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